சின்னதாய் ஒரு மாடித் தோட்டம் எப்படி தொடங்குவது? | How to start a terrace garden?

We launched few gardening kit through Subhiksha Organics last week for this Aadi pattam (July – Aug season). In this video, let me share the guide to prepare the potting mix for each kit. This can be considered as a generic guide to create a small terrace garden with 10 growbags, including few vegetable and few green bags.

Check out this video to know how much coco peat (coir pith) will be required, how much vermicompost and Garden red sand will be required to start a small terrace garden with 10 grow bags.

Also answering few basic questions like,

What is Low EC, High EC coir pith? Is it advisable to buy low EC coir pith at higher price?
Do we need bio-fertilizer to prepare potting mix?
How to use biofertilizer to prepare potting mix?
What is the exact procedure to prepare potting mix to grow vegetables and greens (spinach)

How to start Terrace garden all 3 parts

About bio-fertilizers Types and using it


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